Selecting the Right Mortar : Downloadable Spec Sheets

We're ready to show you the latest with our blended masonry mortar! Discover our quality cementitious products that make a lasting impression. Find your match with our OBP Product Guide.

Alphabetical List


Concrete Mix High strength concrete mix.


Efflorescence Reduction OBP provides the largest selection of preblended mortar, grout and plasters with efflorescence reduction properties.

  • Masonry Mortar
  • Bonding Mortars
  • Joint Grout
  • Plaster


MAC Mortar Type S & M line alternative mortars for block, brick, and stone.

  • MAC Plus
  • MAC Plus - Premium

MAC Plus A mortar and joint grout for all seasons.

MAC Scratch & Brown  (Standard & Premium)  Portland cement scratch and brown plaster. 

Masonry Fine Grout  Masonry Fine Grout for filling masonry unit cells.

Masonry Grout 70/30 Concrete & masonry grout designed to core fill masonry unit cells and flat work.

OBP Masonry Mortar  Type S & M mortars for block, brick & stone.


Poly Deck Mud / Deck Mud  Pre-blended Portland cement thick bed mortar.

Poly Foam 2000  Polymer modified cementitious adhesive & base coat for architectural foam shapes.

Poly VBM & VBM  Type S mortars designed for adhering stone, brick veneer & pavers.

Poly Waterstop  Polymer modified cementitious damp proof coating.


R-Grout Aid Powder admixture used in grouting concrete block & clay brick. 

R-Lastic Waterproofing Elastomeric coating.


OBP Scratch & Brown Portland cement scratch and brown plaster. 

Selecting the Right Mortar

  • Veneer Bonding Mortar (VBM)
  • Poly VBM  LFT 300 500
  • MAC Mortar HAB


VBM (Veneer Bonding Mortars) Non Sad + High Bond Strength + Low Shrinkage + Efflorescence Protection.

  • VBM (Veneer Bonding Mortar for Manufactured Stone)
  • Poly VBM 300 (Manufactured stone, natural stone, pavers)
  • Poly VBM 500 (Manufactured stone, natural stone, pavers)
  • VBM Bonder (Polymer modified bonding thin set)

VBM & Poly VBM  Type S mortars designed for adhering stone, brick veneer & pavers.

VBM Bonder  Polymer modified Thin set for adhering stone, thin brick veneer, pavers & tile.

VBM Poly Thin set  Thin set for adhering ceramic & porcelain tile, stone, thin brick veneer & pavers.

VBM Thin set Thin set for adhering ceramic & porcelain tile, stone, thin brick veneer & pavers.

VP Joint Grout Premium sanded grout with polymer.