Poly Modified Waterstop

Product Description: Poly Modified Waterstop is a one component, polymer modified, cement coating designed to waterproof/dampproof concrete and masonry. It may be used above or below grade. Poly Modified Waterstop consists of polymer, cement, fine sand and other propriety chemicals. The waterproof additives are crosslinked with the polymer providing long-term performance. Poly Modified Waterstop produces premium-waterproofing properties combined with the durability of a cement sand coating. Poly Modified Waterstop is available in gray, white and special order colors. The finish of the cured coating is a light texture. For a smooth surface waterproof coating use Orco Blended Products Poly Modified Waterstop Paint.

Uses: As a waterproof and decorative coating for above or below grade masonry and concrete. Waterproof/dampproof basement walls, retaining walls, planters, fountains and reservoirs. Decorate and waterproof block walls, pools, stucco and concrete structures.

Advantages: Poly Modified Waterstop produces a premium waterproof coating. The cement sand coating produces a decorative coating that is much more durable than paint. The polymer enhanced cement-to-cement bond produces a coating, which actually becomes part of the substrate. Poly Modified Waterstop is one-component system add only water. Being water based it is easy and safe to apply and clean up.
Technical Data: Poly Modified Waterstop meets the 1997 Uniform Building Code as a dampproof coating under the category of acrylic modified cement coatings in Appendix Chapter 18 section 1824. Test results for Poly Modified Waterstop are:

A.S.T.M. E 514 90  
"Test method for water penetration and leakage through masonry." Passed no leakage
A.S.T.M. D 5385  
"Test method for Hydrostatic Pressure resistance of waterproofing Membranes." = 110 Ft
A.S.T.M. E 96  
"Test method for water vapor transmission." 0.000 grams/sq. ft.
Water absorption less than 1%
Compressive Strength > 3000 p.s.i.
Sulfate resistance excellent

Packaging: Poly Modified Waterstop is available in weather resistant paper bags in 50 lb. weights. Store in a cool dry area. Shelf life is approximately I year.
Coverage: Approximate coverage per 50 lb. bag is 200 square feet per coat 2 coats required for good waterproofing properties. Coverage figures are approximate only. Sufficient material must be applied to completely fill and seal all holes, pores and voids. Coverage may vary due to substrate and job requirements.

Application: Surface preparation - All surfaces must be clean and structurally sound. There must not be any dirt, grease, oil, and efflorescence, curing compounds or any type of bond inhibitors on the surface. Dense or smooth surfaces should be roughened or primed. Mortar droppings and other impediments should be removed prior to application. Repair all holes, voids and cracks with a suitable repair material (i.e. water plug, polymer patch, caulk etc.). Dampen the substrate just prior to application no standing water.

Mixing: Slowly add Poly Modified Waterstop to clean potable water (approximately 2 gallons per 50 1b. bag). Thoroughly mix the material to a pancake batter consistency making sure all lumps are removed. Allow to stand 10 15 minutes before application. Re mix and adjust consistency just prior to application. Do not over water material.

Appling: Apply coating with a brush, roller, trowel or spray in 2 even coats of approximately 200 square feet per 50 lb. bag per coat (coverage may vary with substrate or job conditions). Extend coating over footings. Allow I" coat to dry before applying second coat. If coating drags during application rewet substrate, do not overwater coating. Do not apply on frozen or frost covered substrate. In extreme heat or wind, fog curing may be necessary.


  • Do not apply when rain or freezing temperatures (40) are expected prior to cure.
  • Will not bridge moving cracks in the substrate.
  • Do not apply to frozen substrates.
  • Properly cure in extreme heat and wind.

Caution: Prolonged exposure to dust may cause delayed lung disease. Eliminate exposure to dust. Use NIOSH approved mask for silica dust. Freshly mixed materials may cause skin irritation. Avoid direct contact where possible and wash exposed skin areas promptly. If any cementitious materials get into the eyes, rinse immediately and repeatedly with water and get prompt medical attention. See Material Safety data Sheet.

Warranty: The technical information and usage statements are based on our
best knowledge. The contents of this specification sheet are presented for informational purposes only and do not constitute responsibility for their use. The manufacturer will replace only that material which is proven defective due to quality of the components or the manufacturing process.

Test data printed with permission of R CRETE INC. Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688


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