Product Description: Mac Mortar is a dry, factory-blended mortar for bonding concrete block, clay brick, stone and other masonry units. Factory blending under a strict quality control program produces a consistent high quality mortar. Mac Mortar has good compressive and bond strengths combined with excellent workability. The superior boardlife reduces retempering and improves in place physical properties: lower shrinkage, color constancy, efflorescence control, durability and sulfate resistance. Mac Mortar is available in a variety of packaging, color and mix designs to meet individual job requirements.

MAC MORTAR (V.B.M.) - is specifically designed for installing artificial stone veneer. The extended working time improves production and quality. The high bond strengths of Mac Mortar (V.B.M.) make it an excellent mortar for adhering artificial stone veneers. Also available is poly - V.B.M. that includes a dry polymer.

MAC MORTAR PLUS includes an integral water repellent. This enhances the protection of the building from water penetration and efflorescence.

Colors: Mac Mortar may be ordered pre-blended with dry pigments.
Efflorescence: Mac Mortar and Mac Mortar Plus are designed to help reduce the occurrence of efflorescence. However, due to the many causes of efflorescence and application techniques beyond our control R-Crete Inc. or the Manufacturer of Mac Mortar offers no guarantee that efflorescence will not occur.

Uses: Mac Mortar is used for bonding concrete block, clay brick, stone and other masonry products. It is suitable wherever a high quality bonding mortar meeting A.S.T.M. C-270 is required.

Uses: Orco Blended Glass Block Mortar is used in the application of glass block, glazed block, brick, or grouting of joints 5/16" of larger. It may be used wherever a high quality mortar or grout is required having fine sand and waterproofing properties.

Packaging: Mac Mortar is available in 94 lb. weather resistant bags and 3,000 lb. bulk bags. Store in a cool dry area.


  • High bond and compressive strengths.
  • Excellent workability and board life.
  • Includes efflorescence fighting additives.
  • Factory weighing and pre-blending.
  • Convenient handling and transporting.
  • Pre-blended Color and uniformity.
  • Bulk systems save additional labor.
  • Excellent for Multi-story and difficult access jobs.

Technical Data: Mac Mortar meets the property specifications of A.S.T.M. C-270 Type S (>2100 psi) and Type M (>2900 psi). The mortar consists of Portland Cement (Type II/V), R-Mortar Aid (I.C.B.O. Report #ER 5403) and washed sand.
Application: Add Mac Mortar to clean potable water and mix to the desired consistency. Recommended water is approximately 15-20% by weight. Mix a minimum of 2 minutes with 5-10 minutes recommended for best workability. Apply Masonry Units according to Uniform Building Code Guidelines.


  • Do not apply when temperatures are below or expected to fall below 40o F prior to cure.
  • Proper test methods and handling of test cylinders are important for jobsite testing.
  • Do not add any admixtures without prior consent from R- Crete Inc.
  • Proper curing is required, extreme weather conditions will affect cure and performance.
  • Application in cold or damp weather will increase the chance of efflorescence occurring.

CAUTION: Prolonged exposure to dust may cause delayed lung disease. Eliminate exposure to dust. Use NIOSH approved mask for silica dust. Freshly mixed materials may cause skin irritation. Avoid direct contact where possible and wash exposed skin areas promptly. If any cementitious materials get into the eyes, rinse immediately and repeatedly with water and get prompt medical attention. See Material Safety Data Sheet.

WARRANTY: The technical information and usage statements are based on our best knowledge. The contents of this specification sheet are presented for informational purposes only and do not constitute responsibility for their use. The manufacturer will replace only that material which is proven defective due to quality of the components or the manufacturing process.

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